Garbage bags

article numbersize (cm)materialwitWit2quantity
per pack
quantity of packs
per carton
per pallet
454111965 x 100PP ✓4 pcs341224 packs
454112065 x 100PP10 pcs15600 packs
454111055x 80LDPE ✓5 pcs402000 packs
454111150 x 70LDPE10075 box
454109260 x 80LDPE10060 box

Product information

  • PP woven bags, A1 raw material, color white, fabric weight 60g/m2
  • LDPE film bags, A1 raw material, color transparent, quality 130mµ
  • display products packed in a PE bag provided with neutral COVER label, including 4 languages and EAN-code
  • transport packing in sturdy 3-layer water resistant boxes
  • pallet height 210cm


  • custom-size, different color and/or weight, minimum order quantity and terms of delivery after consultation
  • private label in box packing
  • product print possibility