PE windreduction net 90% 2300

Extra 120 g/m²

keus10 wit roll quantity
per pallet
2.07 x 50 35
2.57 x 50 35
3.07 x 50 35

Technical specifications

Technische eigenschappen
tensile strength 1192N / 5cm according to ISO 13937-1
tear strength 341N / 5cm according to ISO 13937-1
UV resistance 200Kly
temperature resistance -40ºC / +80ºC

Product information

  • HDPE woven cloth
  • 2% UV stabilized
  • reinforcing webbing band along both long sides and in the centre, provided with 5cm mounting loops at every 25cms interval (one side double)
  • each net 1x folded and rolled, packed in a cristal clear PE bag with neutral COVER label, 4 languages and EAN code
  • delivery on block pallets (100x120cm)
  • pallet height approx. 210cm


  • custom-size, different color and/or weight, minimum order quantity and terms of delivery after consultation
  • private label, roll packing
  • also available in Flame Retardant (FR) quality
  • product print not possible