PE sheets

article numbersize
quality (mµ)witzwartquantity
per pack
per pallet
45413502 x 507 HD20400
45414802 x 1007 HD1400
45411004 x 59 HD201040
45412052 x 340 LD201300
45412204 x 440 LD10720
45412304 x 640 LD10400
45412294 x 640 LD10400
45412334 x 5100 LD8208
45412344 x 5100 LD8208

Product information

  • drop sheet rolls (2x50m), roll width 30cm, packed in PE bag with neutral COVER printing, 4 languages and EAN-code
  • painter film rolls (2x100m), roll width 100cm, static, each roll on a hard paper core of Ø 48mm, packed in a PE bag with neutral sticker label
  • drop sheets LDPE or HDPE, A1 raw material, color transparent or black. Each PE sheet folded and packed in a neutral PE bag with COVER print, 4 languages and EAN-code
  • transport packing in sturdy 3-layer water resistant carton boxes
  • delivery on Euro pallets (80x120cm)
  • pallet height approx. 120cm