PE fabrics  FR

quality weight
wit nvo number
per pallet
2 x 100 Plus NVO 200 25
wit nvo FR (Flame retardant), official test report DIN4102B1

Technical specifications

Basic Standard Plus Extra
Tensile strength 970N / 5cm According to ISO 13937-1
Tear strength 68N / 5cm According to ISO 13937-1
Temperature resistance -40°C / +80ºC

Product information

  • Woven HDPE tape with both sides LDPE coating
  • Each roll on a 76mm ø hard paper core
  • Wrapped in same color as the sheet color with size sticker, 4 languages and EAN code


  • Roll width : 5cm till 4mtr, delivery time 3-4 months
  • Different color and weight, delivery time 3-4 months
  • Print possibilty
  • optional: CORONA surface treatment technology for better adhesion of printed texts
  • optional: VCI anti-corrosion method actively protects your metal from oxidation (VpCI)